Indian YouTuber Tech Burner Breaks World Record for The Largest Jacket, the Truth!

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A young Indian YouTuber, Tech Burner, built a massive jacket exceeding 50 feet tall to generate buzz for his clothing startup, "Overlays." While it might not be the official world record holder, the project garnered international attention.

A young Indian YouTube star (Tech Burner) has undertaken a wildly ambitious project – constructing what he insists is the world’s largest jacket at over 50 feet tall. “I wanted to do something outrageous and different,” explained Shlok Srivastava, a budding clothing entrepreneur.

Tech Burner World Record Largest Jacket

Srivastava devoted a month to creating the gigantic garment for his fledgling startup brand “Overlays,” documenting the process in a YouTube video. He aimed to generate buzz for his company while achieving something never done before.

Engineering Feats

Piecing together a jacket of this magnitude presented numerous challenges. Sourcing an enormous custom fabric roll was just the first hurdle. Using industrial equipment far larger than normal for assembly pushed the project’s boundaries even further.

Even printing the intricate “Overlays” logo on the mega-jacket required innovative thinking. “We had to build this massive one-of-a-kind printer,” Srivastava revealed. Transporting the final product meant hiring a truck given its sheer size.

To suspend the jacket for photographs, Srivastava constructed an improvised 50-foot hanger and leveraged cranes. “It was an engineering puzzle for sure,” he said. “But we found solutions to every problem even if it meant making something from scratch.”

World’s Largest Jacket Record

While Srivastava insists his garment exceeds 50 feet, the Guinness World Record for the largest Jacket is just over 42 feet held by a UK church. However, he considers the jacket a triumph in creating buzz around his startup.

“I wanted to show that thinking big is how dreams become reality,” said Srivastava. “Even if we didn’t set the record, I’m proud of what we achieved.”

Srivastava believes his boundary-pushing efforts exemplify how youthful creativity can make the seemingly impossible possible. The jacket has already garnered his Overlays brand international attention.

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