How to Improve Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

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Extend Samsung Galaxy Watch battery life with simple adjustments like reducing screen brightness and disabling Always On Display. Unused apps, features, and constant location tracking drain battery.

Are you curious about Improving the Battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Watch? When we are using our Samsung Galaxy Watches, we often feel like the battery is draining quite fast. Do you also feel like your Galaxy watch’s battery is draining quickly?

Improve Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Unfortunately, your new and cool watch stops working before the end of the day. But there is no need to worry, today we will learn about some tricks that will help your battery last longer.

For example, you can turn off apps and features you don’t need. Or you can make the screen less bright. Even connecting to Wi-Fi instead of 5G uses less power. If you follow the tips given here, your Samsung Galaxy Watch battery will last longer. So let’s improve the battery life of Galaxy Watches without delay.

Working Hacks to Save Battery Life on Your Samsung Galaxy Watches?

Here we will be discussing all the working hacks to save the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Believe me, these hacks are tried and tested so they will surely help you to improve the battery life of your smartwatches.

#1. Turn off Always on Display

If you are not using your Galaxy watch then you should turn off its display. This is because keeping the Always On Display feature drains the battery constantly, which is not good for your Galaxy Watch’s battery life in the long run.

In our opinion, you should turn off the Always On Display (AOD) feature. When you are not using your watch there is no point in having the screen stay on.

#2. Close Unused Apps

It has often been found that many unused apps keep running in the background which drains the battery. It is better to always close unused apps on your Galaxy Watch. This will have a very positive impact on your watch’s battery life going forward.

#3. Lower Screen Timeout Duration

No matter how you wake your Galaxy Watch, it waits for a certain period of inactivity before shutting off the screen. The more time you leave this setting on, the more battery it consumes. You can’t go any lower than fifteen seconds.

#4. Turn Off Tilt-to-Wake

There is a feature in all Galaxy Watches where the Always On Display turns on automatically when you raise your wrist. I do not find this feature to be that useful. However, turning it off can help extend your watch’s battery life.

#5. Use Bedtime Mode

You should turn on Bedtime Mode. Believe me, it is very helpful as it turns off your Galaxy Watch’s screen and mutes all notifications. However, it will notify you about repeat callers if someone keeps trying to call you.

#6. Lower Brightness

As you probably know already, reducing the screen brightness has a positive effect on battery life. But one suggestion is that you should only do this when you have turned on Always On Display.

#7. Turn Off Location Tracking

While active location tracking is very useful for those interested in outdoor sports, it does drain your Galaxy Watch’s battery over time. So in my opinion, you should only turn it on when navigating otherwise it will just keep draining the battery.

#8. Reduce Vibration Motor’s Strength

If you get a lot of notifications on your Galaxy Watch throughout the day, it is advisable to reduce the duration and intensity of the vibration motor. This is because, in the end, it impacts the battery life.

#9. Deactivate ‘Hey Google’ Detection

You may not know this, but “Hey Google” detection constantly runs in the background on your watch, slowly but surely draining your Galaxy Watch’s battery life over time. In such cases, you should turn it off if you do not verbally communicate with your watch. This helps the battery last longer.

#10. Deactivate Wireless Connections

If you turn off the connectivity features of your Galaxy Watch, you will see a significant improvement in battery life. That means when you are not using Bluetooth, you should turn it off. Other wireless connections should also only be turned on when in use.

While there are many other tricks to improve your Galaxy Watch’s battery life, in my opinion, if even after trying all these the battery drains fast, you should contact customer support. This way you can find out the real reason for your Samsung Galaxy Watch draining quickly.

How long should the battery last on the Samsung Galaxy watch?

The duration of the battery Samsung Galaxy watch lasts depends upon its usage. Similarly, Samsung claims that its Galaxy watches last longer, but after using it, we found that it provides less than 3 to 4 hours of backup from its claimed duration.

Can the Galaxy watch battery be replaced?

If your Galaxy Watch’s Battery gets damaged before its warranty period then surely you can get your Galaxy Watch battery replaced.


So those are all the working tips for saving battery life on your Samsung Watch. Pretty nice, huh? Now that you’ve learned all of these secrets, you can begin implementing them right away.

And I bet you weren’t aware that connecting to Wi-Fi saves far more power than 5G. So, experiment with some of these strategies to see what works best for you. Soon, your watch will last for days without needing to be charged!

Imagine how much more fun it will be to track steps and play games without bothering about your battery. Thank you for reading, and do let us know if there is anything you don’t understand or if you have any techniques for conserving battery life on the Galaxy Watch!

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