How Samsung Galaxy Replaced Samsung Gear as Ultimate Wearable Brand?

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Samsung rebranded its smartwatches from "Gear" to "Galaxy" to create a unified brand identity, simplify consumer understanding, and streamline product development.

There was a time when Samsung had a separate category for smartwatches – the Samsung Gear. Yes friends, I’m talking about the Gear lineup. While that Gear name has now faded away, Samsung Smartwatches have become a part of the Galaxy family of phones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Replaced Samsung Gear

But why did Samsung make such a big change? If you also want to know why Gear was rebranded to Galaxy, you’ll have to read through this entire post. By the end, you’ll surely get the answer.

Why was Samsung Gear Rebranded to Samsung Galaxy?

For your information, Galaxy was already a huge banner for Samsung, so when they brought the Gear smartwatches under it, people started recognizing Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches in a much better way.

This allowed Samsung to focus more on building a powerful unified brand where they can keep all devices under one brand name. There’s no need to have separate names and it’s easier for people to remember.

Let’s look at some of the reasons that support this rebranding move:

Creating a Super-Brand

The “Galaxy” name was already big in the tech world – everyone knew about Galaxy Phones and Tablets. So by bringing the smartwatches under the same brand, Samsung wanted to send a clear message that these are all part of one family.

Making Things Simple

It would be a bit awkward and confusing if we had to remember different names – Samsung Gear for watches, and Galaxy for phones. Using one unified name like “Galaxy” makes it easier for consumers to understand and use the devices.

Smoother Teamwork

Samsung wants all its devices to work seamlessly together. So using one brand name like “Galaxy” across phones, watches, etc. ensures that one team has built both the phones and watches.

A Fresh Start

While Gear watches looked cool, sometimes changing the brand brings a fresh feeling that consumers find exciting to try out. Moreover, the new “Galaxy Watch” name along with new and latest features made these smartwatches quite popular among fans.

What is Samsung Galaxy Gear?

Technically speaking, ‘Samsung Galaxy Gear’ does not exist anymore in this world. Samsung used ‘Gear’ to refer to some of its older smartwatches, which were quite popular back then. But if you search for Samsung smartwatches today, you’ll have to look for the ‘Galaxy Watch series – for example, Galaxy Watch 5.

Is Samsung Gear a Smartwatch?

Yes, Samsung Gear used to be a popular smartwatch. For your information, Samsung Gear watches were among the earliest smartwatches. They did all the usual things – fitness tracking, notifications from phones, and even running their apps.

Are Samsung Gear Watches Waterproof?

The answer is both yes and no. Most Samsung Gear watches you find will be water-resistant, meaning they can withstand some amount of rain or sweat. But if you want to use these watches for swimming and diving, you may face issues.

So I would recommend shifting to the new Galaxy Smartwatches as they are fully waterproof.

What are the differences between the Galaxy and Gear Smartwatches?

While there are many differences between Galaxy and Gear smartwatches, let’s talk about some key differences:


Where earlier the brand for Smart Watches was Samsung Gear, it has now changed to “Galaxy Watch” – all devices now come under the Galaxy brand.

Operating System

While older Gear smartwatches ran on the older Android Wear operating system, Galaxy smartwatches run on Samsung’s own proprietary Tizen operating system.


The design of modern Galaxy Watches is much sleeker and modern compared to Gear Watches. Galaxy watches also offer you more color options and material choices which were not there in Gear watches earlier.


New Galaxy smartwatches come with more advanced features like cellular connectivity, health tracking, and Samsung Pay. Gear watches had basic features limited to GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring.


Sometimes older Gear watches may not work perfectly with the newest phones. Sometimes, older Gear watches won’t play perfectly with the newest Samsung phones. Galaxy Watches are designed with the latest phones in mind, so they work together flawlessly.

Battery Life

Galaxy watches offer longer battery life compared to Gear watches, especially due to efficient hardware and software. Gear watches had lower battery life and very limited options.

What was Samsung’s first Smartwatch?

Samsung’s very first smartwatch was named the Galaxy Gear, way back in 2013. It was chunky, a bit clunky, but it kicked off a whole new trend!

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch the same as the Gear?

No, Samsung Galaxy Watches are way different from the Samsung Gear. It has replaced the older Gear lineup. They’re now more advanced and work seamlessly with Galaxy phones.

Why did Samsung change from Gear to Galaxy?

It’s mainly about branding! “Galaxy” is a powerful name, and this change streamlined Samsung’s wearable offerings.

Can I still buy a Samsung Gear watch?

You might find them used or at some resellers, but Samsung primarily focuses on the newer Galaxy Watch series.


I think by now you must have understood why the Samsung Galaxy replaced the Samsung Gear. They wanted to build a unified brand identity that people recognize, similar to Apple’s ecosystem.

If you’re also keen to purchase one of the latest Galaxy watches, do check out our other blog posts. And if you still have a soft spot for the older Gear series, do let us know!

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