What is the Samsung Galaxy Ring and What Does It Do?

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Samsung is developing a health-tracking smart ring called the Galaxy Ring. Expected for a late 2024 or 2025 launch, the Galaxy Ring will compete with existing options like Oura and focus on tracking activity, sleep, and other wellness metrics.

Wondering about the Samsung Galaxy Ring? Samsung makes popular smartwatches and gadgets, and now they are making a smart ring called the Galaxy Ring! It looks like a tiny ring you wear on your finger. It will use sensors to track your health and fitness, like how much you move and sleep.

What is Samsung Galaxy Ring

Other smart rings do this too, like the Oura ring. Samsung said the Galaxy Ring is a “health and wellness device” that can track important things to keep you healthy.

We don’t know everything this high-tech finger ring will do yet. But Samsung will share more about the Galaxy Ring before it launches later. Get ready to wear health tracking in a little ring around your finger!

Device Samsung Galaxy Ring
Dimensions63.5 x 122 x 12 mm
Weight96 g
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon S2 MSM8655
CPUScorpion, 1400 MHz, Cores: 1
GPUQualcomm Adreno 205
RAM1 GB, 500 MHz
Storage4 GB
Memory cardsmicroSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
Expected Features24×7 heart rate monitor, SpO2 (blood oxygen) sensor, sleep monitoring tracker, and other fitness tracking capabilities
Launch TimelineSecond half of 2024

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Expected Launch Date

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Ring smart ring is expected to launch later in 2024, likely alongside the new Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold phones. Smart rings are wearable devices you control with finger gestures.

The Galaxy Ring will have health tracking features like other Samsung smartwatches and rings from Oura or Ultrahuman. Samsung normally announces new Galaxy Watch products in August. Reports say the Galaxy Ring launch was moved to late 2024 or possibly early 2025.

A leaked Samsung app also confirms the Galaxy Ring product name. So while Samsung hasn’t officially announced details yet, it seems certain the high-tech Galaxy Ring is coming in the next year or so. We’ll share more launch specifics when Samsung reveals the release date and pricing!

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Design and Possible Features

Expected Design The Galaxy Ring will likely be an actual ring you wear on your finger. Reports say it will come in 4 different sizes to fit more people. But officially there is no such confirmation received yet.

Like other smart rings, you’ll probably have to measure your finger first before getting one that fits right. The ring will connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

Likely Health Tracking Features Since Samsung introduced the Galaxy Ring as a “health and wellness device”, it will focus on tracking activity, sleep, nutrition, and stress like other Samsung products. Specific features could include:

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • Steps and activity tracking
  • Stress measurements
  • Body composition readings

It may also have advanced health features like blood pressure monitoring and detecting irregular heart rhythms. But some of those would need approval first.

Given the hints from Samsung, the Galaxy Ring aims to provide powerful health insights in a tiny, wearable ring device. We’ll share more details as Samsung reveals them on the way to the Ring’s launch in late 2024 or 2025.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Features We Can Expect

While the Samsung Galaxy Ring will have many excellent features, adding some advanced capabilities could make this ring truly revolutionary.

So let’s explore some innovative features we hope to see included in the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

Fitness Tracking

Having this feature would allow your Smart Ring to easily track your steps, heart rate, and other fitness metrics. In my opinion, this is an essential capability that should be included.

Health Monitoring

Health monitoring is an essential feature that you expect to see in all smart rings. A Smart Ring can also easily monitor blood oxygen levels, sleep quality, and other health markers.


You won’t need to take out your phone anymore to make payments. You can use the Smart Ring for contactless payments.

Home Control

It would be great if you could use the Smart Ring to smartly control all the devices in your home, like lights, locks, and thermostats.

Sleep Monitoring

Since this ring is always attached to your body, it can easily monitor your sleep cycles and even provide you with daily results notifications.


This Smart Ring can easily display all kinds of notifications from your smartphone, like incoming calls, text messages, and calendar alerts.

Temperature Readings

Since it continuously records your temperature, it can detect changes in your body temperature. This allows it to know if you ever fall ill. It can also help women track their monthly cycles and pregnancy.

Gesture Control

The Smart Ring could be used to control your devices with gestures, such as swipes and taps. This will surely benefit those who have difficulty with traditional control methods.

Augmented Reality

The Galaxy Smart Ring can easily project augmented reality images and information onto your hands and fingers.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging capability would make this device very useful since it would allow the ring to be charged effortlessly over days.


In today’s world, language barriers cause many issues. If Galaxy Ring had a real-time translation feature, it would help you translate between languages on the go.

If Samsung wants to, they can use all these features to make their upcoming Galaxy Ring more handy.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Ring Used For?

The Galaxy Ring is Samsung’s new health-tracking gadget. It’s a smart ring you wear on your finger to keep tabs on your activity, sleep, nutrition, and stress levels – key areas Samsung focuses on.

Matthew from Samsung introduced the high-tech ring at a big company event. He described it as a “powerful and easy-to-use health and wellness device.” So the Galaxy Ring takes Samsung Health tracking features like you’d see on a smartwatch, and packs them into a tiny smart ring!

The bottom line is the Galaxy Ring will provide detailed health data to help people improve their overall well-being. Samsung will share more on the ring’s specific uses closer to its launch in 2024/2025. But get ready to wear fitness tracking in a bold new way!

Is the Galaxy Smart Ring Real?

It sure looks like the Galaxy Ring smart ring is the real deal. Samsung recently showed off its new health tracking ring. Entering the ring wearables space lets Samsung tap into the market with few competitors so far.

The Galaxy Ring could appeal to people who want easy health tracking without wearing a bigger smartwatch. So it may attract some new Samsung customers.

Samsung isn’t very secretive about upcoming devices. So if the Galaxy Ring rumors are circulating now, it’s likely the high-tech finger ring is legit. Samsung may reveal more tidbits over the next few months before unveiling features and launch date.

While we wait for official news, signs point to the Galaxy smart ring becoming a real innovative Samsung gadget before long!

How Much does a Samsung Galaxy Ring cost?

While Samsung hasn’t shared an official Galaxy Ring price yet, we can make some good guesses based on other smart rings. The Oura ring is priced at around $299. And similar rings from Ultrahuman and Circular ring up at $349 to $410.

Given those comparisons, it seems likely the advanced health-tracking Galaxy Ring will cost somewhere under $300 when it hits the market. Samsung’s wearables are typically priced to sell at scale rather than be ultra expensive.

The Galaxy Ring should deliver great smart features for its cost like Samsung’s watches do. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to see if our smart ring pricing predictions pan out! Stay tuned for updates as Samsung unveils more Ring details soon.

Is Apple Making a Smart Ring?

While Apple doesn’t have a smart ring product yet, they appear to be working on one. A few years back Apple got a patent for wearable ring technology and interfaces.

The smart ring space currently has just a handful of companies selling these innovative finger devices so far. So it would make sense for Apple to enter the market.

Based on Apple’s patent filing, their smart ring concept involves detailed finger inputs and gestures for controls. Classic Apple thinking ahead on ideas for new high-tech gadgets!

So while you can’t get an Apple smart ring yet, patent activity suggests Cupertino has this advanced finger wearable in mind. We’ll have to wait and see if an Apple Smart Ring officially makes it to the market to compete with Samsung!

Is Samsung going to make a smart ring?

Yes, Samsung is going to make a smart ring. The ring is going to be called the Galaxy Ring.

What is the main purpose of the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

The main purpose of the Samsung Galaxy Ring is Health Tracking.


So there you have it – the Galaxy Ring is one super cool gadget! I hope now you have a clear idea about “What is the Samsung Galaxy Ring and What Does It Do“. This fancy ring isn’t just a pretty piece of jewelry.

It can connect to your other Galaxy devices and let you control them with a wave of your hand. It also keeps track of your fitness by counting your steps and monitoring how well you sleep. The Galaxy Ring comes in lots of different colors and sizes too. So you can pick one that matches your style perfectly!

Keep an eye out later this year for when Samsung releases this smart ring. It will make staying healthy and having fun with your devices so much easier. Thanks for reading and learning all about this new amazing wearable gadget – the amazing Samsung Galaxy Ring! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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