Where are Samsung Refrigerators Made and Manufactured?

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Samsung refrigerators are manufactured across the globe, with major production plants in South Korea, China, and several other countries including Hungary, Mexico, and the United States.

For over 50 years, Samsung has been a leader in home appliances manufacturing. Do you have any idea that, where are Samsung Refrigerators made? Because, when you think of modern kitchens, one of the first names that might come to mind is Samsung.

In this article, I have covered from top-of-the-line plants in South Korea and China to facilities in Mexico, Vietnam, and Hungary, Samsung refrigerators are made all over the world to meet local demands. Don’t forget to check where Samsung TVs are made.

Where are Samsung Refrigerators Made in the World?

Where are Samsung Refrigerators Made

Samsung refrigerators are manufactured in various countries around the world. The primary locations where these refrigerators are produced include:

South Korea

As Samsung’s home country, South Korea houses many refrigerator manufacturing operations. With headquarters and extensive R&D facilities located in Suwon, just outside Seoul, Samsung engineers cutting-edge cooling technology for next-generation fridges.

Major plants are also located in Changwon, producing hundreds of thousands of refrigerators per year for domestic use and export abroad. With a long history and deep expertise in appliance manufacturing in South Korea, Samsung refrigerators made here benefit from seasoned technical staff and tightly integrated design and production processes.


To capture the expansive Chinese consumer market, Samsung operates large refrigerator factories in China as well. Samsung produces models that are customized for local requirements and prices.

With China being one of the largest appliance markets in the world, having domestic factories gives Samsung a competitive edge. Between facilities in Suzhou, Tianjin, and other cities, Samsung China turns out millions of refrigerators annually.


Samsung operates the world’s largest mobile phone factory in Noida, India and they also manufacture home appliances like refrigerators in the country.

With customized models for the Indian market, domestic manufacturing offers cost advantages. As a fast-growing consumer market, Samsung’s refrigerator business is huge in India.

United States

While the majority of Samsung refrigerators have been produced abroad, in early 2022 the company began US-based production for the first time. Investing over $200 million, Samsung built a brand new appliance manufacturing facility in Newberry County, South Carolina.

Creating almost 1000 American jobs, the new factory assembles premium Samsung refrigerators to meet demand among US consumers who prefer domestically produced goods. It’s Samsung’s first move into the American appliance market.


Samsung operates multiple manufacturing facilities in Mexico to serve the large North American market.

With easy access to the US and fast shipping times, Samsung’s factories in Mexico allow them to get refrigerators into American homes quickly and efficiently. Mexican production also allows localized design tweaks and training.


Samsung refrigerators are made in Vietnam, which is emerging as a manufacturing hub.

Seeking to expand beyond existing factories in South Korea and China, Samsung used Vietnam’s strong logistical infrastructure and growing pool of technical talent to establish additional refrigerator production. Samsung takes advantage of Southeast Asian markets with models made here.


Engineering and manufacturing are important parts of Germany’s economy. Samsung has several plants there. Samsung’s German plants add to its high standards, with strict local quality controls and precision manufacturing.

Refrigerators produced in Germany often travel across Europe and to high-end consumers who are fans of German design.


This small European country bordering Germany and France has been the home of Samsung manufacturing facilities since the early 2000s.

With Luxembourg’s business-friendly policies, stable infrastructure, and central location in Western Europe, Samsung found it attractive for regional production efforts, including several refrigerator models.


Sweden’s long history of innovation in cooling technologies makes it a natural fit for Samsung refrigerator manufacturing.

Based on Swedish expertise in food preservation methods and energy-efficient designs, Samsung operates multiple fridge manufacturing factories to provide customers with leading-edge Scandinavian cooling advances.


Eastern Europe offers Samsung compelling tax breaks and operating conditions for manufacturing.

Hungary has been Samsung’s appliance production base since 1989. With numerous refrigerator plants across the country, Samsung taps into Hungary’s strong logistical networks and specialty in high-quality finished goods.

South Africa

As Africa’s most advanced economy, South Africa offers Samsung ripe expansion opportunities.

Building fridges in South Africa allows coverage across the entire continent while utilizing local workers and scaling production based on Africa’s growing development.

Are Samsung refrigerators made in the USA?

Some of the Samsung refrigerators are made in the USA.

Are Samsung fridges made in China?

Yes, Samsung refrigerators are made in China, but in smaller volumes compared to South Korea.

Are Samsung refrigerators made in India?

Yes, Samsung refrigerators are manufactured in India.

Hope you have an idea of, where are Samsung Refrigerators made? With an expansive global network of factories customized to local requirements, Samsung has earned its place as the #1 refrigerator brand worldwide.

Blending next-generation Korean innovation with hyper-localized manufacturing and distribution, Samsung refrigerators shine regardless of where they are produced. For those looking for a modern, high-tech cooling solution from a globally recognized brand, Samsung is the best.

Given Samsung’s diverse manufacturing footprint spanning the world, where do you think they make the highest quality refrigerators—South Korea, the United States, Germany? Why? I look forward to hearing your opinions!

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