Is Buying Old Samsung Tablets Still Worth it?

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Buying an old Samsung tablet depends on your needs and budget.

As new gadgets with advanced features keep launching frequently, it’s common for users to forget old devices. Similarly, with new Samsung tablets coming to the market, is buying an old Samsung tablet advisable?

Buying Old Samsung Tablets Still Worth it

This question is often asked by those interested in purchasing a new tablet but settling for an old one due to budget constraints. Should you buy a new Samsung tablet or save money by purchasing an older model? You’ll have to read through this entire article to understand this fully.

Is It Worth Buying an Old Samsung Tablet?

Whether buying an old Samsung tablet makes sense or not – we cannot give a simple yes or no answer. It depends on several factors that we’ll discuss here.

What you need it for

If you only need to do basic things on a tablet like checking email, watching videos, or browsing the Internet, an older Samsung tablet can easily serve these functions. However, if you want to do productive work like designing software video editing, or playing heavy games, you’ll need the latest Samsung tablet.

Price Factor

The biggest factor is what’s your budget for purchasing a tablet. Old tablets will surely be cheaper compared to new ones. With enough budget, you’ll surely be more interested in buying the latest Samsung tablet.

Software Support

If the work you intend to do can be easily done even with old software – that is, you may not need software updates – you can go for an older model. But if you need the latest features and software support, buying a new Samsung tablet model is advisable.

What is the lifespan of a Samsung Tablet?

The lifespan of any Samsung tablet, or any device for that matter, depends on how carefully you use it. So a Samsung tablet’s longevity will depend on how you handle it.

A Samsung tablet can easily last a few years without issues. With proper care and maintenance, it can function well for 5-7 years potentially. How long it lasts depends on how well you take care of it.

Tab ModelRelease YearPrice (approx.)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.02010$600
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.12011$500
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)2012$250
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1)2012$400
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.12012$550
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7.0, 8.0, 10.1)2013$200 – $400 (depending on size)
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.22014$750
Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4, 10.5)2014$400 – $500 (depending on size)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0, 9.7)2015$230 – $300 (depending on size)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8.0, 9.7)2015$400 – $500 (depending on size)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen2016$350
Samsung Galaxy Tab S32017$600
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017)2017$230
Samsung Galaxy Tab S42018$650
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018)2018$230
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e2019$400
Samsung Galaxy Tab S62019$650
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite2020$350
Samsung Galaxy Tab S72020$650
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+2020$850
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE2021$530
Samsung Galaxy Tab S82022$700
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+2022$900
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra2022$1100
Samsung Galaxy Tab S92023$800
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+2023$1000
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra2023$1200

Why is My old Samsung Tablet So Slow?

If your old Samsung tablet has become slow, you need to understand the reasons behind it. Only then can you solve this problem and speed things up again.

Old Software

Whether it’s Samsung or any other company, they don’t provide software updates forever. After some time, your device stops getting new updates automatically. Due to the lack of updates, your tablet starts slowing down because of the older software. Its speed gradually decreases.

Full Storage

Over time, your tablet’s memory also starts getting full. If you don’t clean up this memory, it gets full which prevents the tablet from functioning properly. Meanwhile, its performance also declines. So you should delete old apps and files to prevent this slowdown.

Too Many Things at Once

If you start doing more than one task simultaneously on your tablet, you may feel its performance drop, especially for an older tablet. So if your tablet is older, try opening only the app you need to work on and close other apps so that it functions smoothly.

Do Samsung Tablets Slow Down Over Time?

Yes, it does tend to happen that Samsung tablets gradually slow down over time. There are several reasons behind this as I explained earlier. But if you only keep the essential stuff on your tablet and maintain it properly, it can last with you for a considerably long time without its speed and performance dropping drastically.

Is it safe to use an old Samsung tablet?

You can surely keep using your old Samsung tablet if you do so carefully. Make sure to open only authentic websites and download apps solely from the Play Store. Keep your tablet safe from spammy links and suspicious software.

This will protect it from external security threats and keep you away from dangerous websites. Though old doesn’t always mean unsafe.

What is the oldest version of the Samsung tablet?

The very first Samsung tablet was the Galaxy Tab 2010, which was released with a 7-inch display. This tablet was first showcased to the public on September 2, 2010, at an IFA event.

Can older Samsung tablets still run popular apps?

Yes, many popular apps will still work on older Samsung tablets. However, some newer apps may not be compatible or may run a little slower.

Is it worth buying a used Samsung tablet?

Yes, it can be! Used tablets are often cheaper. Just make sure it’s in good condition, has enough storage space for your needs, and is aware of the software support limitations.


I hope you have a basic understanding now of whether you should buy an older Samsung tablet or not. Older tablets can have many issues, but if your budget is less and you only need a tablet for basic work, you can go for an older model.

However, if you want a tablet for functions that require the latest features and good performance, it’s better to avoid purchasing old Samsung tablets. Instead, it would be wise to wait longer, arrange more budget, and buy a new tablet.

What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in the comments!

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