Why Did Samsung Stop Curved Screens?

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Samsung's decision to prioritize flat screens reflects a market preference for practicality and affordability. While curved screens offer a unique look, they come with drawbacks like higher cost, usability issues, and potential distortion.

After a long time, Samsung replaced the curved screen of its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S24 Ultra. There was a time when people considered curved screens to be superior. During that time, there was a lot of talk in the display industry about Samsung’s curved screens. Whether it was for TVs or mobile screens, everyone was keen to try them out.

Why Did Samsung Stop Curved Screens

But recently, Samsung, which is a giant player in the display market, has quietly shifted towards flat screens for its TVs and monitors. So in such a situation, how right is this decision by Samsung and what is the story behind it – we will understand in this article “Why Samsung stopped curved screen“.

Why Samsung Preferred Flat Screens over Curved Ones?

Samsung’s shift like this has raised a lot of questions in people’s minds. It suggests that while curved screens had their niche appeal, the benefits weren’t substantial enough for the average user. There must be something better about Flat Displays that compelled Samsung to make this decision.


A flat screen looks good and performs well in any situation, whether you’re gaming, watching Netflix, or editing spreadsheets. So you can use it in every situation you please.


Curved screens often commanded a premium price, limiting their widespread adoption. Before it was only for a specific section of people, but now with Flat Display this adoption rate will be higher.


Sometimes, simple is better. Flat screens don’t have distortion issues and are easier to mount on walls or desks. This design is quite practical and has a high adoption rate.

Is a Curved Screen better than a Flat Screen?

Not necessarily! But yes, in some specific scenarios like hardcore simulation setups or ultra-large monitors, having a curved screen will give you an excellent experience. However, for most of us users, Samsung’s decision seems to be disappointing our expectations. This is because flat screens offer a more well-rounded experience.

Samsung’s recent focus on flat displays suggests that the market may be favoring the traditional flat screen experience. Curved screens offered promises of increased immersion, but these gains may not be worth it for the average user. Ultimately, it all depends on each one’s preference – while it may be appealing for some, others may not consider it as good.

Which Galaxy Phones have Curved Screens?

Even now, you can find several Samsung Galaxy models that still use Curved Screens. Remember the Galaxy S and Note series? You’ll surely see sleek, curved edges on their displays. While they looked fancy, some people found them a bit tricky to use. Samsung still offers curved screens on a few models, but mostly their newer phones have a classic flat display.

Let’s look at those Galaxy phones where Curved Displays are still being used. For your convenience, I have mentioned some phones in the table below. If you’re interested in a Samsung phone with a curved display, be sure to compare prices and read reviews before you buy.

Phone NameAvailable From Date
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra2023
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra2022
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra2021
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (Note 10 Plus)2019
Samsung Galaxy S10 Series2019
Samsung Galaxy S9 Series2018
Samsung Galaxy S8 Series2017
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge2016
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge2015
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge2014

Why did Samsung Stop Curved Screens?

Well, there are a few reasons behind the discontinuation of curved screens by Samsung. First, curved screens were more expensive to make, resulting which there is a limitation in buying these costly products.

Second, some people found them less comfortable to hold, and accidental touches on the edges could be annoying. I do find it less comfortable to hold for long hours.

Lastly, even though they looked immersive, they could sometimes make pictures and videos look a little warped.

Why do People hate Curved Displays?

Not everyone hates them! Some folks still like the unique look. But others have a few complaints:


Curved screens can catch light weirdly, making it harder to see.


Sometimes images near the edges of the screen look stretched out or fuzzy.


Phones with curved screens used to be a lot more expensive.

Is Samsung S24 Ultra Curved?

Nope! The newest Galaxy S24 Ultra has a flat display. This shows Samsung is listening to its customers and focusing on what people find practical and enjoyable, and flat screens seem to be the winner for a lot of users.

Why are curved screens so expensive?

Curved screens require a more complex manufacturing process, which drives the price compared to flat displays.

Are curved screens better than flat ones?

It depends! Curved screens can look cool, but flat screens are generally more practical, affordable, and less prone to glare and distortion.

Does Samsung still make phones with curved screens?

Yes, some Samsung models still have curved screens, but most of their newer phones, including the Galaxy S24 Ultra, feature flat displays.

Why did Samsung stop using curved screens?

Samsung shifted away from curved screens due to concerns over durability, usability issues, and a greater emphasis on overall practicality compared to the niche appeal of curved displays.

In Conclusion

I hope you have understood Samsung’s opinion about Curved Displays to some extent. While the curved screen designs were quite fancy, when it came to practicality, Samsung had to ultimately shift towards Flat Displays.

Flat screens deliver solid performance, look great, and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Sometimes, the tried-and-true solution is the most sensible one, and flat screens continue to demonstrate their resilience.

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