TSMC 2nm Process Delayed Due to Extremely Low Yields: Rumor

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Rumor suggests TSMC's 2nm chip production may be delayed due to low yields and leakage current issues, but confirmation is needed.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) highly anticipated 2nm fabrication technology may face delays due to poor initial yields, according to an unconfirmed rumor from mobile tipster @Tech_Reve.

TSMC 2nm Process Delayed

If accurate, the leaked information doubts TSMC’s aggressive 2nm rollout timeline. The company previously targeted high-volume 2nm production by 2025 to satisfy demand from cutting-edge chipmakers.

However, the tipster cites single-digit yields for initial 2nm test chips along with concerning leakage current amounts that could necessitate process tweaks and additional development time before wide release.

As with any unofficial leak, skepticism is warranted around both the veracity of the information and the specifics of the potential delay.

TSMC’s advanced nodes already require intricate multi-year designs. Setbacks in that complexity wouldn’t necessarily be shocking.

But considering the unmatched investment from TSMC and customers like Apple, reports of roadblocks could simply represent standard troubleshooting rather than more material barriers.

Until official word emerges from TSMC itself, the safest bet remains expecting the Apple supply giant to push forward at the frontier of physics, yields be damned. The entire tech industry eagerly awaits what 2nm might make possible.

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