Where are Samsung Appliances Made and Manufactured?

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Samsung appliances are made globally, with facilities in South Korea, the United States, Mexico, Poland, Vietnam, and India.

When was the last time you looked at the back of your refrigerator or washing machine and wondered, “Where are Samsung Appliances Made?” You might be surprised to learn that while Samsung is a South Korean company, the majority of its appliances sold in the United States are produced abroad.

So where do our Samsung dishwashers, dryers, and vacuums come from? The answer may surprise you. Although Samsung is headquartered in South Korea, they have manufacturing facilities spread across the globe.

I have already covered that, where are Samsung TVs and Smartphones made? Let’s check out the Samsung Appliances.

Where are Samsung Appliances Made in the World?

Samsung operates various manufacturing facilities around the world to produce its appliances. Here are some of the locations where Samsung appliances are manufactured:

South Korea

Where are samsung appliances made in South Korea

As Samsung’s home base, South Korea remains a major global manufacturing hub for the company’s diverse product lines, including home appliances. With its skilled workforce and advanced infrastructure, South Korea houses multiple Samsung factories and facilities that produce high volumes of appliances.

Key production centers like Gumi and Hwaseong manufacture appliances bound for both domestic and export markets. As a true flagship Samsung plant, the Gumi factory churns out premium appliances and brings the latest innovations to life.

United States

Where are samsung appliances made in United States

Seeking to better serve American consumers, Samsung has invested heavily in appliance manufacturing operations across the United States recently. Major facilities in South Carolina and Texas now produce popular appliances from washing machines to high-tech refrigerators and cooking ranges.

Locating production domestically allows Samsung to respond swiftly to customer needs and trends in the US. It also reduces international transportation and import duties costs. Samsung’s commitments showcase how the US has become a strategic manufacturing base.


Where are samsung appliances made in Mexico

As Samsung expands its reach across North and Latin America, Mexico has emerged as an increasingly vital manufacturing hub for appliances headed to these markets. Samsung operates a large-scale refrigerator, washer, and dryer factory in Querétaro, Mexico to serve regional demand.

Mexico offers logistical advantages stemming from lower transportation costs and proximity to many countries. Manufacturing in Mexico also enables faster delivery and product customization for Samsung’s diverse Latin American consumer base.


Where are samsung appliances made in Poland

Poland is home to a key Samsung appliance manufacturing facility catering to the European and nearby markets. The high-tech Samsung plant in Wronki, Poland produces refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, and other appliances enjoyed by consumers from Europe to Russia.

With its skilled workforce and competitive wages, Poland offers an ideal location for the cost-efficient production of advanced appliances. The central European location also provides logistical advantages in serving the surrounding countries.


Where are samsung appliances made in Vietnam

Rapidly developing Vietnam has become a manufacturing powerhouse for Samsung across multiple product segments like appliances. Samsung operates factories in Bac Ninh and Ho Chi Minh City that mass produce refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, and more.

Vietnam’s lower manufacturing costs coupled with an educated, young workforce make it an efficient location within Samsung’s global supply chain and production network. The Vietnam facilities serve growing Asian markets and generate huge export volumes as Samsung expands.


Where are samsung appliances made in India

India represents a manufacturing stronghold for Samsung appliances sold domestically and abroad. The huge refrigerator factory in Noida is the world’s largest production site of its kind.

Along with factories in Chennai and elsewhere, Samsung taps into India’s vast engineering talent pool and local market. India manufactures huge numbers of appliances designed specifically for Indian consumer needs and exports them globally. With its scale, skills, and domestic demand, India is strategically vital to Samsung’s appliance manufacturing footprint.

Who Makes Samsung Appliances?

Samsung appliances are made by Samsung Electronics.

Is Samsung a good brand of appliances?

Yes, Samsung is considered a good brand for appliances due to their emphasis on high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and the features they offer, which are often unique compared to other brands.

Hope you got your answer to Where are Samsung Appliances Made? Production sites from South Korea to the United States, Poland to Vietnam allow Samsung to bring innovative, tailored appliances to diverse markets.

Just as importantly, these factories provide stable local jobs and showcase how global companies can support communities. Next time you use your Samsung refrigerator or washer, consider the globe-spanning supply chain that brought it to your home.

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