Fact-Checking and Accuracy Policy

At Sammy Today, we understand the importance of providing accurate, fact-based news to our readers. As such, we have implemented the following fact-checking policy:

  • All news articles are thoroughly researched by our editorial team using credible, reliable sources. These include primary sources such as official company releases, government data, and court documents, as well as trusted media outlets, analysts, and experts.
  • Statistics, scientific data, and other facts provided in our articles are verified through the sources. Mathematical calculations are double-checked.
  • Direct quotes are corroborated by the original transcript, recording, or documentation whenever possible.
  • Our writers conduct additional research and interviews to confirm the accuracy of statements made by sources. Claims made by sources are cross-referenced.
  • Statements that present opinions, allegations, or speculation are clearly labeled to avoid confusion with facts.
  • If any inaccuracy is found in a published article, a correction notice is immediately added to the article and brought to the reader’s attention.
  • Any conflicts of interest of sources cited in an article are disclosed.

Our editors thoroughly review and fact-check every article before publication to ensure we abide by industry best practices. We also regularly update our published articles to reflect new information as it becomes available.

If you believe you have found an error or inconsistency in one of our articles, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate and take necessary corrective actions. Accuracy is core to our mission at SammyToday.