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About Chandan Prasad Sahoo

Chandan Prasad Sahoo is a Tech Geek with over a decade of experience in the technology sector. Specializing in making complex tech guides simple, Chandan has an eye for simplifying the complexities of smartphones, computers, and internet-related technology for the everyday user.


With a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Gangadhar Meher University, Chandan’s expertise is backed by a solid academic foundation. His knowledge extends to programming languages such as C#, HTML, CSS, PHP, C, and C++, and he boasts a decade of experience in developing WordPress websites.


He loves new technology and gadgets. In 2008, he bought a Nokia N72 as his first smartphone. After that, he bought a Symbian phone, Nokia C6, N8. In 2014 he bought the first Android smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z2. Then Google Pixel 2, Samsung Note 8, Samsung Note 9, Samsung Note 10, Samsung Note 20, Galaxy S22, S23 and now Galaxy S24 Ultra.

In terms of Apple phone phones, he has an iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. As well as the iPad Air 2nd Gen and iPad Pro 2021.

He bought his first computer in 2021, an HP Computer. Now he has a customized PC with an i7 6600k. He also has a Windows laptop (Dell XPS 13) with a Core i5 8th Gen Processor.

In terms of Macbooks, he has a Macbook Air with i5, a Macbook Pro 2020 with i9 and a Macbook Pro M1 Mx. He also has a Mac Mini with an M1 processor.


Chandan’s writing is ideal for people who need help in using gadgets. His approachable style breaks down technical barriers, making technology accessible to everyone.

His writing process is deeply rooted in personal experience. He believes in using and understanding a product before writing about it, ensuring that his guides are practical and user-friendly.

Media Presence

Chandan’s insights have been recognized on various TV channels like OTV, ETV Bharat, News 18, and Kanak News, establishing him as a professional tech blogger. His contributions have also been featured in publications such as APN News, Mid-day, and LatestLY.

Personal Interests

Outside of writing, Chandan enjoys making videos, watching superhero movies, and exploring the world through travel. You can find him on his YouTube channel where he offers technical tutorials and vlogs.

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