VR headset for smatphones and tablets allegedly in the works and to be announced this year!

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Engadget reports: Samsung has it’s own version of Oculus Rift in the works and plans to reveal it this year! Developer devices powered by Note 3 or/and GALAXY S5 are said to be deployed to first developers already (final unit shipped to end customers would require new generation of Samsung devices tho, according to Engadget).

Spec wise the VR headset is said to spot similar or better OLED displays than second generation Rift dev kit. There are no information at the moment on how Samsung’s device measures depth movement and how it will connet to your smartphone or tablet.

Samsung’s Glass device is said to be priced bellow Oculus and Sony products.

Keep in mind that this is still in rumour stage and nothing was confirmed by other sources than engadget.

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