U.S. patent applications detailes Samsung wearable design, functions, interface and it is a game changer

  • Samsung Android Wear
  • US_20140139422-001
  • US_20140139422-002
  • US_20140139422-003
  • US_20140139422-004
  • US_20140139422-005
  • US_20140139422-006
  • US_20140139422-007
  • US_20140139422-014
  • US_20140139422-015
  • US_20140139422-016
  • US_20140139422-017
  • US_20140139422-018
  • US_20140139422-019
  • US_20140139422-020
  • US_20140139422-077
  • US_20140139422-002
  • US_20140139454-109
  • US_20140139454-110
  • US_20140139454-111
  • US_20140139454-121
  • US_20140139454-122
  • US_20140139454-127
  • US_20140139454-066
  • US_20140139454-067
  • US_20140139454-069
  • US_20140139454-070
  • US_20140139454-072
  • US_20140139454-074
  • US_20140139454-075
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(this is only a sample selection, full JPG patents dump is attached at the bottom of this post)

U.S. AppFT (applications) has published few patent applications covering Samsung’s wearable. Not an ordinary Gear tho…

First thing that catches eye is an absolute resemblance to Moto 360, did Samsung silently purchased Motorola from Lenovo or what? We are just getting started, wearable design is the tip of the iceberg here. You will learn that Samsung plans to propose a device that could be a watch, pendant, brooch or a key chain… and a remote.

True wearable giving you full control with camera and finger gestures (in front of the device) or gestures over the wearable surface. In fact using any type of gestures made with watch on the wrist can triger diff reactions. We are learning that even touch actions performed on the device bands can be used as controls. Complete touch and gesture UI of what seems to be a perfect wearable.

By the looks of it Samsung prepares for a real revolution in its wearables design and functionality. Finlay!

Samples of UI covered in patents are showing resemblance to Android Wear UI but there is no further confirmation of that fact and to be honest it might me an Tizen UI as well. As we know from Earning Call’s and official statements Samsung plans to release Android Wear and Tizen OS based devices this year.

Wearable covered in patents makes use of network connectivity from smart phone/tablet.

And finally remember, this is only a patent.


  • 20140143678 – GUI Transitions on Wearable Electronic Device
  • 320140143737 – Transition and Interaction Model for Wearable Electronic Device
  • 220140143784 – Controlling Remote Electronic Device with Wearable Electronic Device
  • 20140143785 – Delegating Processing from Wearable Electronic Device
  • 20140139637 – Wearable Electronic Device
  • 20140139486 – Placement of Optical Sensor on Wearable Electronic Device
  • 20140139454 – User Gesture Input to Wearable Electronic Device Involving Movement of Device
  • 20140139422 – User Gesture Input to Wearable Electronic Device Involving Outward-Facing Sensor of Device


I understand that those are fully public documents available for anyone but respect time and trouble i am putting into monitoring such publicly available services to bring you fastest notifications about such documents and link back to SammyToday.com

This is why I’ve attached all patents converted into JPG’s pages for you to ‘digest’ them easily. Most of the patents duplicate the content but You will find some interesting snaps there for sure. Enjoy!


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Hope this is the new android wear!!!!


Hope this is the new android wear!!!!