New SM-T36x tablet line in the works – possible 9 inch tablet ?

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Samsung Scandinavia presented us with yet another ‘information leak’  by setting up two support placeholder sites for SM-T36x tablet line. Both sites are not populated with any data that could show what sort of tablet are we dealing with.

The naming code places this tablet in GALAXY Tab 4 family (with SM-T33x being the 8 inch GALAXY Tab 4 and SM-T53x being 10.1 inh GALAXY Tab 4).

At the moment i have no enought data to speculate about the device but SammyToday reached our contacts to poke for more information’s about this mysterious tablet.

Just to spin the rumour wheel a bit: if SM-T33x is the 8 inch GALAXY Tab 4 and SM-T53x being 10.1 inh GALAXY Tab 4 so the SM-T36x might be a new 9 inch device and whitch ompany is rumoured to release a 9 inch device in the coming months? Google with Nexus 8/9. Still, this is pure speculation with no facts to back it up and the SM-T36x might just be a local Tab 4 variant.


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