New 10.5 inch SM-T800 benchmark online – previously was benchmarked in March, nothing changed

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SamMobile posted set of pictures comming allegedly from 10.5 SM-T800 tablet benchmarks made on the device and screenshoted. Sadly there is no way to determine if those pictures are real or fake as files were renamed and resized but on the other is there any foundations to assumethey’ve faked those screenshots?

Let’s break down their article shall we ?

SM-T805 variant visited gfxbench back in Marchjust like SM-T700 did, with SM-T805 variant using Exynos SoC in the LTE version so there is nothing suprising in this fact (it is not sure tho if Samsung will use Inte’s LTE modem or own Shannon 330 solution tho). I am lurking inside Samsung to gather more information on this.

Also Samsung officials during January’s Investor relations call for Q4 FY 2013 announced AMOLED tablets among AMOLED wearables so no suprise there either. Tab series used AMOLED display once in Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 back in 2011.

Both devices are making their certification rounds (SM-T700 is missing FCC certification at the moment) so we should be seeing those devices fully certified and released soon. (SM-T80x FCC, SM-T80x FCC #2, SM-T80x BluetoothSM-T70x Bluetooth)

As for the versions at the moment there are five versions tested: 3G, Wifi and LTE of 8.4 inch (SM-T70x) and WiFi and LTE for 10.5 inch variant (SM-T80x).

The fingerprint claim is very possible but still not 100 % confirmed to land in end version – this would be first Samsung tablet using fingewrprint scanning tech.

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