Mobile data trends from developing and developed countries in 2013 by JDSU

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Worth to be mentioned Samsung related facts are: compared to last year study fourth generation iPad replaced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 in the top tablet spot in a developed market, also Galaxy S IV users generates (upload) most data at developing markets.

Reference 100% comes from iPhone 3G.uplink downlink

This paper addresses the recent data demands of over one million distinct subscribers over a single, 24-hour weekday in a Tier-1 developed market1 with a mixture of urban and suburban morphologies. The following comparative analysis focuses on popular devices that were represented by at least 1000 subscribers (and well over 10,000 subscribers represented the most popular devices). While any device could be used as a point of reference, the iPhone 3G is chosen due to its historical and statistical significance (since it constituted both a past pinnacle in user network demand as well as exhibits a “typical” demand across all current devices). Therefore, increases in demand over the iPhone 3G continue to constitute the standard for subscriber behavior that network operators must prepare for. For comparative purposes, a developing market with over one million distinct subscribers in a mix of urban and suburban morphologies is also studied for the same 24-hour period.


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