GALAXY Tab 4 Active trademark process begins! IP67 comming to tablets?

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Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 Active trademarks application is pending in Norway. Big players like Samsung and Apple sometimes try to register a trademark quietly and do it in countries you would not suspect and/or with not an easy access to certification data. Transferring the trademark to the destination markets and it’s registration there is much faster and might be a surprise to the competition and market researchers.

It is also possible that Samsung want’s to deceive everyone into thinking that it is working on toughened version of GALAXY Tab 4 labeled ‘Active’. Trademark filled 30th April 2014.

GALAXY S5 Ative was just debuted by AT&T, version for Sprint (SM-G860P) is expected to debut next month, Korean versions are ‘in the works’ and SM-G850F (international version?) is currently certified by Indonesian Department of Communication and Informatics.

Norway doc:

patentstyret_galaxy_tab4_active_1patentstyret_galaxy_tab4_active_3 patentstyret_galaxy_tab4_active_2 thanks Pinky!

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