#appsung Apple wins 119.6 million USD out of claimed 2.2 billion – big win for Android

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Just few hours ago jury of  ‘Apple versus Samsung part 2′ trial have reached a verdict. Apple won 119.6 million USD out of first claimed 2.2 billion (5.5 % to be exact). There will be a small correction to this sum as Apple lawyers found that in verdict for patent 172 ‘the autocomplete’ jury did not included GALAXY S2 into the damages.

Patent by patent analysis by Florian Muller:


  1. Apple’s ‘647 “quick links” patent: all accused Samsung devices found to infringe; the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed Judge Posner’s claim construction for this patent, which is considerably narrower than Apple’s proposed construction and under which a workaround is possible by copying some operating system functionality into apps
  2. Apple’s ‘959 “unified search” patent: all Samsung devices cleared
  3. Apple’s ‘721 “slide-to-unlock image” patent: some devices found to infringe, others cleared; Apple had not even accused all of the devices in this trial of infringing the patent, so Samsung does not have to worry about this patent in the slightest going forward because it already has workarounds in place
  4. Apple’s ‘414 “background synchronization” patent: no infringements found
  5. Apple’s ‘172 “autocomplete” patent had already been found by Judge Koh (on summary judgment) to have been infringed
  6. Samsung’s ‘239 patent: not infringed
  7. Samsung’s ‘449 patent: infringed (this is the first time in the world that Apple is found to have infringed a non-standard-essential Samsung patent; Samsung had won liability findings over some SEPs but not previously over a non-SEP)


On top of this favourable Samsung verdict, jury also awarded 158.000 USD in damages from Apple for Samsung’s patent on ‘storing and organizing files on a device’ that Apple was found to infringe.

This verdict is a huge win for Samsung achieved with close cooperation with Google as a witness testifying on all n all patents-in-suit.

Apple v. Samsung – completed jury form

For in depth coverage of the trail please visit fosspatents.com blog.


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